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The Unexpected Podcast FAQ

Where do I listen to the unexpected podcast?

Pretty much wherever you find podcasts: 

Apple Podcasts



When do new episodes "drop"?

In general, we aim for the first Monday of every month. Because just like a certain big orange cat, we're not a big fan of Mondays either and we want to help people get through this day in one piece...or many pieces. 

Do I need to start The Unexpected Podcast from the beginning? 

Not at all! Each entry is a brand new, unique story. Sure, there are some fun callbacks and nods to previous episodes, but you'll be fine jumping in at any point. 

How old is the old man? 

I'm sorry, but that's like, none of your business. Kind of rude of you to even ask TBH. 

Is the Unexpected Podcast Family Friendly? 

The Unexpected Podcast is ridiculously scary, disturbing, a bit haunting, and often needlessly violent. However, swear words are usually bleeped out, so yeah, good family fun! 

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